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 Slovak Crafts Pottery Wood Carving Honey-picking Easter Eggs


Slovakia, like other countries, has its artistic traditions which dated back to the ancient past. The most important handicrafts of Slovakia are pottery, wood carving , honey craftsman, easter eggs.

Pottery. The oldest historical documents say that the first pottery guild in Slovakia was established in 1475. Potters created their works in winter and sold them at markets and fairs. In 1743 the Holitsch factory (in Holic) was founded and was concentrated on the production of earthenware faience. The another place, which is connected with production of pottery, is Modra. There is located a factory where majolica – tin-glazed pottery is made. (
Wood carving. The wood carving is one of the most georgous handicrafts in Slovakia. This craftsmanship has a long history. Originally, it played secondary role to other crafts or a complement of work. Buildings, architectural details, crosses or even tools were being decorated with wooden works. Shepherds, millers, miners, beekeepers, gingerbread makers, farmers and wood-cutters used wood to decorate their tools and equipment. In this way, the new kind of craft was created. Črpák (carved special jugs), figure-shaped beehives, wooden spoon were spread throughout the country. Time of socialism brought new inspirations. Today, carving of Christmas cribs is popular with new generations. These all pieces of art you can see and buy at markets, shops as a souvenir.
Honey-picking and honey-keeping are another popular traditions in Slovakia. Honey is a very popular sweetener of the Slavs. From the 19th century, beehives became piece of art. Some of them were decorated, others took the form of figures. Honey is also used as a main ingredient of Slovak mead which is called the wine of wines and popular honey cake.
Easter eggs. The tradition of decorating eggs at Easter time is still alive in Slovakia. The egg is a symbol of life, colours also play an important role. There is different kinds of decorating techniques. The one of them is batik. Motifs are etched egg's surface in wax, using a pin or tiny metal tube. Eggs are also decorated with lace, wool, leather, wrapp in wire or with using historical techniques. You can admire them on every market and shop.

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